We’ll share about: –

1. The current internet trends in China, and the changes of netizen’s (consumers) behaviours after affected by the Covid-19.

2. China’s outbound tourism: Where do Chinese tourists go? What is their most desired destination and type of travel?

3. The latest updates on Weibo, WeChat, Douyin and Dianping. China’s social media development is booming on this Covid-19 period. As such, online advertising is the best to promote on your product now.

4. What did they do when everyone is backed off and planning of reducing their budget spending? We want to share with you the successful stories of online marketing.

Even more

1. The best Digital Marketing ideas to Boost Your Business.

2. The core strategy to build your brands for your business to reach more of your target audience.

3. How to connect your community and engage your customer quickly with our all-rounded China Digital Solution, Social Marketing, KOL Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Management, Advertisement.