Are you interested in advertising on WeChat? If it is your first time utilizing WeChat advertising tools for your marketing needs, we have compiled a list of some of the more common questions and answers regarding this popular platform.

What are some of the different types of advertising mediums available on WeChat?

There are essentially 3 methods of advertising on WeChat and they are:

  • WeChat Banner Advertising
  • WeChat Moments Advertising
  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) Promotion


Typical Ad forms in WeChat currently

Which of the three options is the most popular?

The most popular type of advertising medium on WeChat is banner advertisements as it is the most basic of the three options and marketers can upload their own banner.

Another reason for its popularity is the fact that banner ads on WeChat are performance-based which means marketers only have to pay only when there are measurable results. This also allows marketers to monitor the results of their campaigns and decide whether or not to continue with this form of advertising.

Is there anything to look out for before I start my campaign with WeChat Banner Ads?

Unfortunately, advertising on WeChat is not instantaneous and you will have to provide proof as to the legitimacy of your products in order to gain approval from the Chinese government before you can begin your advertising campaign.

What type of business is more suited for WeChat Banner Ads?

As WeChat Banner Ads are affordable and still rather effective, it is recommended that smaller businesses start their marketing campaigns with this advertising medium.

What is WeChat Moments Advertising?

The WeChat Moments function is equivalent to Facebook Newsfeed in that you can share texts, videos and photos for friends to view. You friends can share, like or comment on whatever you share on your Moments page and vice versa.

The ads on WeChat Moments are placed seamlessly in the Moments section to appear as if they were just another user-generate post. Users can choose to share the advertisement with other users, making the WeChat Moments advertising function highly engaging.

As a marketer, you can choose still images (6 photos maximum) or videos to use in an ad for Moments and it will feature the name of your business, your brand profile image, text passage capped at 40 characters and a link to an external link.

Is WeChat Moments Advertising expensive?

Due to its highly versatile formatting and how engaging it is for users, WeChat Moments Advertising is on the pricier side compared to WeChat Banner Ads. Some of the larger businesses that have used WeChat Moments Advertising for their marketing campaigns include luxury brands like Jimmy Choo, Van Cleef & Arpel’s and Cartier, as well as Coca Cola and Adidas.

Can businesses from all industries advertise on WeChat or are there restrictions?

There are restrictions for almost all industries when it comes to advertising in China. For instance, in the Tourism industry, casino hotels are not permitted to advertise on WeChat. The healthcare companies, cigarette and tobacco companies, business services and websites cannot place ads on the platform either.

Here are some other restrictions:

Clothing and accessory – only reputable brands and existing retailers that have already established their stores in China may place ads.

Skincare and cosmetics – must have the relevant permits granted by the government.

Universities and other educational institutions – must be approved by the Ministry of Education.

Real estate – only those with Chinese entities are allowed to advertise.